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Central Florida Members Host Solidarity Event

Central Florida members gathered for solidarity and golf at Drive Shack in Orlando, organized by Central Florida TRACON (F11) FacRep Ken Scheele. Members from F11, Orlando ATCT (MCO), Daytona Beach ATCT (DAB), Orlando Executive ATCT (ORL), and St. Petersburg/Clearwater ATCT (PIE) were joined by Southern Regional Vice President (RVP) Jim Marinitti, Southern Alternate RVP Jason Arnold, and Alaskan RVP Clint Lancaster.

“It was the height of union brotherhood and sisterhood, and Central Florida was well represented,” Marinitti said. “We are bringing the entire NATCA family together — spouses, kids, moms, and dads. This is how we grow as one cohesive union. It’s the families who give the biggest sacrifice and we are eternally grateful to them for allowing us to borrow their husband or wife in service to NATCA.”

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