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Operation Traffic Counts Across the U.S.

While the COVID-19 national emergency has stopped most activities everywhere in our country, NATCA members continue to provide essential service to flights across more than 29 million square miles of airspace. Air traffic controllers are a vital part of the fight against this disease, helping move necessary goods and emergency and medical supplies and equipment and even people, coast to coast, city to city. Otherwise — as all NATCA’s members know — we’re continuing to see dramatically less traffic at all facilities.
ANC Achieves Status of World’s Busiest Airport 
As of last week, Anchorage ATCT (ANC) became the busiest facility in the National Airspace System when Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport, due to increases in cargo operations, beat out the traffic of normally busy hubs like LAX, Dubai, and Hong Kong to achieve the status of busiest airport in the world.
“On Saturday [April 25], ANC was the world’s busiest airport for aircraft operations,” the airport tweeted . “This points to how significantly the global aviation system has changed and highlights the significance of our role in the global economy and fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.” Read more
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