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News and Notes: May 7, 2020

New Union Synergy Video Shows “The Many Faces of NATCA”
The NATCA Union Synergy Committee has produced a fun and creative new video called “The Many Faces of NATCA.” View here. The video demonstrates how NATCA values diversity. Union Synergy Committee chair Maurice Franklin (Potomac TRACON, PCT) said, “Everyone involved in our beloved Union should strive to help us ensure that all of their NATCA brothers and sisters are all welcome and valued. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

NATCA Masks For Sale on Store Website
NATCA has procured higher-quality, thicker cloth face masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face coverings in settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. The CDC also advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.
In addition to these masks being shipped out to all facilities for all NATCA members, they are also available for purchase in the NATCA online store. Order here

Federal News Network Touts Success of NATCA-FAA Collaboration
In the Team Update last week, we told you about Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert’s recent interview with Tom Temin of Federal News Network. On May 1, Temin referenced Gilbert in his column citing NATCA as a leading example of a federal agency and its employees’ union working together successfully and communicating effectively during the COVID-19 national emergency. 
Wrote Temin: “People who can’t telework tend to work in situations where they can’t stay artificially far from one another. A case in point: the Federal Aviation Administration’s air traffic controllers. Towers and regional traffic centers keep people in close quarters by design. They work as teams, constantly talking to the airplane pilots and to one another. One shift leaves, the next shift seats itself at the same chairs, touching the same consoles.
“In my interview with Trish Gilbert , the executive vice president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, she said FAA management worked closely to establish facility cleaning procedures and getting supplies.
“Of FAA management, Gilbert said, ‘They reacted as quick as they possibly could, being that they are so large and they have so many boxes to check.’ She added, ‘Doesn’t mean we weren’t frustrated, doesn’t mean we didn’t disagree. We certainly did. But eventually we got to a resolution, or one that can keep the system running to get those supplies where they need across the country but at the same time ensuring the workforce that has to be there is as safe as they possibly can be.’
“That doesn’t render the threat academic. More than 32 controllers, at the time of the interview, had contracted coronavirus. Luckily all recovered. But at least the agency and one of its major unions were communicating with one another, working out details, procedures.” Read more

Soaring Over DCA and Honoring COVID-19 Responders
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds staged two joint flyovers last week in a salute to frontline COVID-19 responders. The first was over New York and Philadelphia and the second was over Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. This photo below shows them over Washington National ATCT (DCA). (Photo by Lamyl Hammoudi, a Washington, D.C.,-area photographer.)

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