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Retirement Webinar Schedule Through May

The next three scheduled retirement seminars from 4 Square Financial Literacy Partners, Inc., are webinars due to the COVID-19 national emergency. They are: Westbury, N.Y. (May 12-13), Atlanta (May 13-14), and Los Angeles (May 19-20). An additional webinar, which any member nationwide can participate in, is scheduled for May 15 at 10 a.m. CDT.

IMPORTANT: If you had previously signed up for this seminar and are unable to attend virtually, please consider canceling your reservation as space is limited for virtual classes as well.

To register for both the seminars and the webinars: use the NATCA Portal, portal.natca.org . Click on the “events” tab in the main menu at the top of the screen.

For more information, click here .

For questions or any problems with registration, please contact Lisa Head at the National Office: 202-628-5451 or lhead@natcadc.org .

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