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NATCA-FAA Positive Collaboration Praised

In other collaboration news, Federal News Network’s Tom Temin interviewed Bob Tobias, a professor in the Key Executive Leadership Program at American University, about federal employees and their agencies and the current challenges. Here is their exchange on how NATCA and the FAA have successfully collaborated during this COVID-19 national emergency: 

Tom Temin : There are other models in the federal government. I’ve got a column actually out and then I spoke with FAAs air traffic controllers, their union, and also the tech ops people, they have a separate union, and they said things weren’t perfectly hunky dory, but they did have very fruitful negotiations with FAA management, and were provided cleaning supplies, cleaning services, and also face masks. Because often controllers and the tech people, they work cheek by jowl in crowded facilities. They’ve also made procedures such that because air traffic is light, they have been able to spread out shifts and spread out people within a facility. So there is a better model available, but it just doesn’t seem to be universal across the government. 

Bob Tobias : That’s correct. And I think that the FAA currently is one of the models for positive labor management relations in the federal sector. And the fact that they were able to meet together and resolve this matter, I think is a terrific model.
Read the full interview here.

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