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Second Generation NATCA Member Gallucci Says DRC Can Help Members in Many Ways

Caitlin Gallucci (Denver Center, ZDV), who represents the Northwest Mountain Region on the NATCA Disaster Response Committee (DRC), has a message for members interested in knowing more about one of the Union’s newest and most visible committees:

“We want NATCA members to know that the DRC is here to help in any disaster big or small and that we don’t just provide supplies or emergency funds, but that we are also a great resource for information,” Gallucci said. “If you are in need of help, and not necessarily hands-on help, we can guide you in the right direction for consultations, tenants’ rights, damage assessments, and more.” 

Gallucci’s DRC role is just the latest in her effort to get involved in NATCA, which is truly a family labor of love.

“I knew as soon as I started the ATC process that I would be involved with NATCA,” Gallucci said. “I had been very familiar with NATCA as a kid – my father (John Gallucci) was a controller at New York TRACON (N90) and New York Center (ZNY). Starting my own ATC career, I understood how important the Union was.”
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