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Region X Telecon Notes | May 13, 2020

Region X –
The following contains the Region X leadership representatives call notes for May.  I continue to be convinced that we are stronger as a union when we are educated and informed of what is occurring with the agency, within Region X, and within NATCA.  Therefore you will continue to receive these notes on a monthly basis in an attempt to keep you all informed.

Many areas of the country have started to relax restrictions and stay in place orders and with the extended memorial weekend I wanted to take a minute to have you all remain focused on protecting your health and safety and that of your family and communities.  The relaxing of restrictions should not be confused with an actual ending of the health risks of COVID-19.  If you choose to celebrate memorial weekend by being more engaged in the community, traveling, or spending time with family and friends please be smart about your activities and potential exposures.

NATCA is addressing reconstitution plans with the agency on a daily basis and we make every effort to protect your health and safety now and moving forward from an employment standpoint.  Be sure that you also conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the expectations you have with the workplace.  I strongly suggest if you choose to make decisions that may put you at a greater risk of exposure that you are mindful of any social media postings that could be used against our arguments of limiting risk in the workplace.

The agency is watching what we are doing and if we have posts of social gatherings without any protective measures or not practicing social distancing we weaken NATCA’s ability to negotiate with the agency for workplace safety measures we need to have in place for our health and safety.  

Each of you as members of the NATCA family have an impact on our other members with your choices.  Please take every opportunity to make the right decisions while also enjoying the memorial weekend.

Be safe brothers and sisters!


Brad Davidson
Region X RVP

NATCA Region X Contact Information

Region X National Leadership

Brad Davidson        Regional VP               bdavidson@natca.net
Bob Aitken              ARVP                               raitken@natca.net
Curt Howe              ARVP                                chowe@natca.net
Felicia Reeves       National Airports              freeves@natca.net
Scott Odle              National Air Cert                 sodle@natca.net
Pam Rusk              National IT                        prusk@natca.net

Region X National Committee Representatives

Don Schmeichel  –  Safety Committee    dschmeichel@natca.net
Della Swartz  –  Safety Committee           della.swartz@natca.net
Mike Martin  –  Constitution Committee          mmartin@natca.net
Don Smith  – Organizing Committee            don.smith@natca.net
Jefferson MacDonald – Organizing Committee
David Kirkwood  –  OSHA Committee  david.kirkwood@natca.net
Quang Nguyen  –  Benefits Committee quang.nguyen@natca.net
Jason Holland – Legislative Committee  jason.holland@natca.net
Corey Glaze – National Pay Team         corey.s.glaze@gmail.com 
Ed Szczuka  –  On-boarding Committee       eszczuka@natca.net
Pam Rusk – Regional Communications              prusk@natca.net
Molly Fierro  – Finance Committee            mlamrouex@natca.net
Vacant – OWCP Committee
Vacant  –  Reloaded Committee

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