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On May 15, 2020, NATCA and the Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concerning HRPM EMP-1.27 Furlough, EMP-1.27a Shutdown Furlough, EMP-1.27b Discretionary Furlough, EMP-1.27c Weather (Emergency) Furlough, and related HRPM Reference Materials.  The MOU supplements an earlier MOU regarding furloughs dated February 13, 2013 that is included as Appendix P-4 to the 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  The new MOU provides that the provisions of the existing MOU, which applies to all NATCA bargaining unit employees (BUEs), supersede any conflicting provision in EMP-1.27, EMP-1.27a, EMP-1.27b, EMP-1.27c, and/or related Reference Materials.  The new MOU allows for the Agency’s adoption of the requirements of the Government Employees Fair Treatment Act of 2019 (GEFTA) into its procedures for shutdown furloughs.

POCs: Chief of Staff Dean Iacopelli, Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale, and Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey

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