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Proud to Mark 20th Anniversary of Adding TMC, AOS Bargaining Units to the NATCA Family!

Several of the 17 bargaining units represented by NATCA are reaching their 20-year anniversaries of NATCA certification by the Federal Labor Relations Authority this year. That includes our traffic management coordinators (TMC; certified May 25, 2000) and FAA automation support specialists (AOS; certified June 1, 2000) units, which have just marked their anniversaries.

Traffic management coordinators and traffic management specialists in en route centers and terminal facilities maximize the NAS by coordinating the flow of aircraft on a national scale. They are continuously aware of the traffic flow, status of navigational aids, weather conditions, and traffic forecasts to preclude situations that may cause sector saturation, excessive en route and terminal delays, and flights with undesirable atmospheric conditions. AOS employees work in en route centers and terminal field facilities nationwide as computer specialists, computer scientists, electronic engineers, and air traffic control specialists. Their primary function is to provide operational computer software support and maintenance for en route centers and terminal environments.

The value of NATCA having expanded its organizing efforts two decades ago to represent other safety professionals has created a safer and more cohesive approach to enhancing all of our professions while improving the NAS. It has also made us a more well-rounded union.

“It has helped us set the standard in the aviation industry as the premier voice for issues concerning the NAS,” said NATCA National Organizing Committee Chair John Bratcher. “Giving a voice to any profession that is part of the NAS is important and NATCA has continued throughout the last 20 years to answer that call. Being the largest labor union in the FAA, we continue to lead the way in workplace protections, collaboration, and safety. Being a part of NATCA gives an employee a voice that is strong and valued.”

We are proud of each of our represented professions that make up our NATCA Family!

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