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Happy Father’s Day!

We hope all of our members who are dads enjoyed a special Father’s Day with their families and loved ones. Pictured above and viewing left to right, starting with the top left photo, are:

Ryan Reeves, Anchorage TRACON (A11)

David Sipich, Chicago Center (ZAU)

Frank Hernandez, Los Angeles Center (ZLA)

Jorge Hernandez Moreno, St. Petersburg ATC (PIE)

Barry Coates, Houston TRACON (I90)

Jamaal Teel, Washington Dulles ATCT (IAD)

Ethan Korf, Chicago TRACON (C90; also pictured next to boat)

Ryan Herrick, Minneapolis TRACON (M98)

Sam Book, Indianapolis Center (ZID)

Steve Brown, Portland, Maine ATCT (PWM)

Richard Loucks, Denver ATCT (DEN)

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