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FAA WorkLife Solutions Program

Especially in these unprecedented times, it is normal to feel anxious, unsettled, distracted, scared, or overwhelmed. Feeling stressed can affect your immune system and increase the risk of getting ill in general. That’s why it’s important to proactively manage anxiety and stress, so you can keep yourself as safe as possible. FAA WorkLife Solutions offers a variety of resources, webinars, and tips to help you and your loved ones stay well during these trying times. Click here

Your FAA WorkLife Solutions Program offers a range of services to support your life and work. This includes online self-assessment tools and wellness tips, in-person counseling, convenience services to help with everyday events needing your time and attention, child and elder care options, legal and financial services, and much more. Call your program at 1-800-234-1327, TTY Users: 1-800-456-4006, or log on to www.MagellanAscend.com.

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