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Enterprise Information Display System (E-IDS)

Amanda Richardson is the Article 114 Representative for Enterprise-Information Display System (E-IDS). 

Background:  The Enterprise Information Display System (E-IDS) project aims to replace all existing IDSs in the NAS, providing the Agency with one enterprise solution across facility types. There are currently 5 existing IDSs that need to be replaced (1 EnRoute, 3 Terminal, and 1 in Alaska). While some customization is necessary and should be available, one system will reduce overall costs for upkeep, training, and resolve the upcoming End-Of-Life (EOL) issues we have with our current IDSs in the field. Current domains without an IDS will also be addressed (Oceanic, Alaska FSS, etc.) The project is working through the vendor bid process, with a contract scheduled to be awarded in 2020. Final Investment Decision (FID) is expected late spring / early summer 2020. 3 Phases of Implementation are planned, beginning in 2023 and ending in 2031. 

The program continues to remain on track for FID June 17th, followed by a contract award shortly after. E-IDS Team Members are finalizing the Acquisitions process to determine which vendor is awarded the E-IDS contract. Due to the sensitive nature of this phase of the project, very limited updates are available for dissemination. This is the first major milestone in getting us on track to replace the existing IDSs in the field. 

The SME workgroup meetings continued in April and May. During the May 21st meeting, the SME Team received a Tech Transfer briefing. This is the documentation that will be handed off to the vendor and contains much of the work that the SME Team has done over the last 2 years. The level of effort put in by our NATCA SMEs has been tremendous and their dedication and hard work have resulted in a great starting point for the soon-to-be-named vendor. We continue to assess the working group meetings one by one, due to pandemic-related staffing issues. 

NATCA and the Program Office continue to work through the plans for the makeup of the future E-IDS User Team (from early design and development, through implementation and sustainment).  

Early discussion regarding CHI, Procedures, and Human Performance has been initiated internally with the appropriate NATCA Reps, giving us a solid head start on much of the work ahead. 

Upcoming activities: 

  • Weekly / bi-weekly Program Status and Systems Engineering telcons (ongoing) 
  • E-IDS Working Group meetings (ongoing) 
  • Bi-weekly Risk Board telcons (ongoing) 
  • Weekly check-in with Program Manager (ongoing) 
  • E-IDS Weather Working Group telcons (as needed) 
  • E-IDS Requirements telcons (monthly) 
  • NATCA Safety & Technology department telcons (monthly) 
  • Meetings with other programs to discuss potential overlaps and impacts are occurring as needed 
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