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Human Performance

Aaron Katz (P50) is the current National Human Performance Rep.   

Background:  The Human Performance Representative is the NATCA liaison to AJI-155, the FAA Human Performance office.   The office is comprised of a group manager (currently Jason Demagalski) and 5 scientists (the office only has two currently on board) with expertise in a wide variety of fields.   The three main areas of focus are Human Factors, Health and Well-Being and Fatigue.   

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all field research projects are on hold, as many other projects in the NAS are.   

Training Effectiveness Survey  

Background:   The Civil Aviation Medical Institute (CAMI) and conducted on site surveys at Southern California TRACON (SCT),  Seatle TRACON (S46 ), Salt Lake City Tower (SLC),  Potomac TRACON (PCT),  Houston Center (ZHU),  Chicago TRACON (C90), and  Seattle Center (ZSE).

  The participants were electronically surveyed on various facets of OJT.   CAMI is currently analyzing the responses collected at the sites and will produce the findings in a report. Data collection was completed in  February  2020.  

CAMI is in the final phase of finishing the report and submitting it to the Human Performance Team for review.   Once this occurs, the team will work with AJI2 (Technical Training) to develop action items based on the survey data.   

Behavioral Indicators Study  

Background:   NASA Ames and I conducted field interviews at Atlanta TRACON (A80), Oakland Center (ZOA), and Minneapolis (MSP). The interviews were to ascertain behavioral traits that others are aware of in the moments before controllers begin to feel overwhelmed with workload.  

NASA Ames has submitted the report back to the Human Performance team.   The team is currently reviewing the report and will discuss what if any actionable items can be generated by the findings.   

Standing modes of conducting business:   

During the quarantine, the team conducts 2-3 group meeting a week via the zoom platform. Emails also occur daily.   

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