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NATCA Influence Felt at New Oregon Aviation Museum

Newly-opened Melincko’s Museum in Wallowa, Ore. (northeastern corner of the state) teaches kids about the science of flight, including the four forces of flight, the three axes of flight, and Bernoulli’s Principle. In addition, the museum helps kids learn about the history of aviation and the many aviation career options available. 

Laureano Mier runs the museum. He has known NATCA member Richard Kennington (Portland, Ore., ATCT, PDX) for several years. Mier works to create aviation youth camps and does a lot to emphasize air traffic control to the kids as well. Kennington sent him many of NATCA’s materials including activity books. Above, 13-year-old Isabel McGuire from East Helena, Mont., holds several NATCA items. Pictured below are Tristin and Sam Spoelstra.

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