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Amanda Richardson is the Article 114 Representative for Enterprise-Information Display System (E-IDS). 

Background:  The Enterprise Information Display System (E-IDS) project aims to replace all existing IDSs in the NAS, providing the Agency with one enterprise solution across facility types. There are currently 5 existing IDSs that need to be replaced (1 EnRoute, 3 Terminal, and 1 in Alaska). While some customization is necessary and should be available, one system will reduce overall costs for upkeep, training, and resolve the upcoming End-Of-Life (EOL) issues we have with our current IDSs in the field. Current domains without an IDS will also be addressed (Oceanic, Alaska FSS, etc.). Final Investment Decision (FID) was approved by the Joint Resources Council (JRC) on June 17th.  The vendor bid process is complete, with a contract scheduled to be awarded June 26th. 3 Phases of Implementation are planned, beginning in 2023 and ending in 2031. 

Major Program Milestone: The E-IDS program officially received FID approval from the Joint Resources Council (JRC) on June 17th. The contract award is scheduled to be announced on June 26th. These major milestones are critical to getting us on track to replacing the existing IDSs in the field. After the contract is awarded, the official kick-off of the program will occur within 30 days (currently scheduled for mid-July). 

The SME workgroup met June 18th for the final time before pausing activities through the summer. The Tech Transfer briefing continued (this is the documentation that will be handed off to the vendor, and contains much of the work that the SME Team has done over the last 2 years). We also reviewed the Requirements document and multiple Use Cases. 

Thank you to our NATCA SMEs Ryan Winkler (DEN), Ryan Herrick (MSP), and Brad Papka (ZDV) for all of their effort and dedication! 

The SME workgroup will evolve into the E-IDS User Team, with specifics to be worked collaboratively with the Program Office, and work beginning after the contract is awarded and the contractor is up to speed. The User Team will be involved from early design and development, through to implementation and sustainment.  

Meetings continue internally with the NATCA Reps that will be impacted by E-IDS. 

Upcoming activities: 

  • E-IDS Kick-off Meeting (Mid-July) 
  • Weekly / bi-weekly Program Status and Systems Engineering telcons (ongoing) 
  • E-IDS Working Group meetings (ongoing- paused for July and Aug) 
  • Bi-weekly Risk Board telcons (ongoing) 
  • Weekly check-in with Program Manager (ongoing) 
  • E-IDS Weather Working Group telcons (as needed) 
  • E-IDS Requirements telcons (monthly) 
  • NATCA Safety & Technology department telcons (weekly through June) 
  • Meetings with other programs to discuss potential overlaps and impacts are occurring as needed 
  • Continued discussion on the replacement of the current Windows-based Operating System with one based 
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