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Human Performance

Aaron Katz is the National Human Performance Rep.  

Background: The Human Performance Representative is the NATCA liaison to AJI 155, the FAA Human Performance office. The office is comprised of a group manager (currently Jason Demagalski) and 5 scientists (the office only has two currently on board) with expertise in a wide variety of fields. The three main areas of focus are Human Factors, Health and Well-Being and Fatigue.  

Ongoing projects 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all field research projects are on hold, as many other projects in the NAS are.  

Human Performance Guide for the Operation 

Background:  Just after the quarantine order went into effect, the team dedicated all its efforts to producing a guide that would be geared towards Human Performance issues related to the COVID-19 virus and working outside the safety of the home. The guide addresses things such as underload, complacency, building new habits and a wide variety of other topics.  

The guide was written as a large document in its final form was fairly lengthy and touched on a number of subjects. The plan was to disseminate the document in two or three releases. The first release was sent out around June 10th. There will be one or two additional releases slated.  

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