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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Committee

Karena Marinas (ZLA) is the Chairman of NATCA’s OSHA Committee.  

Background: The NATCA OSHA Committee endeavors to assist NATCA representatives and members to identify, understand, prevent, and seek remedy for occupational safety and health (OSH) issues. The committee is comprised of a NATCA OSHA representative from every region. Each OSHA representative works with their service area-level management counterpart in the FAA’s Environmental Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) Services group and represents NATCA on their respective Regional Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance Committees (OSHECCOM). Additionally, the committee Chairperson collaborates with the EOSH Services Group manager at FAA Headquarters, represents NATCA on the National OSHECCOM, and works with NATCA’s Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) to address indoor air quality (IAQ), water quality, and other issues.  

Our committee members continue to assist the RVPs and membership in matters pertaining to OSHA and COVID-19. Additionally, we hosted a webinar on Water Intrusion and Mold Remediation along with NATCA’s CIH, Geoff Bacci. The turnout for the webinar was great, as was the participation and feedback. We look forward to seeing more people participate in our next webinar on June 11th: Temperature and Humidity.  

In the past month, I have continued to participate in the collaborative calls with the FAA regarding COVID-19 issues. Additionally, I have been able to work with Brad Davidson, Region X RVP, and David Kirkwood, OSHA Committee, on the very beginning stages of collaboration for the initial phases of reopening facilities.  

I reviewed and commented on five draft orders and memos regarding electrical safety, respiratory protection, and more.  

I have also engaged the National OSHECCOM on OSHECCOM Training requirements and outdated training materials. The OSHECCOM Coordinator has assured us that the material is being updated.  

Meanwhile, John Thompson, OWCP, and I have begun collaborating on the OSHA and OWCP NATCA class materials in anticipation of running a class in the NGL Region and in Las Vegas in the Fall.  

The OSHA committee is working to streamline our reporting and response to questions and issues from the membership. Please contact our committee by emailing OSHA@NATCA.net and that email will be forwarded to our entire committee via Microsoft Teams. We believe that, as our committee grows and changes over time, we will have a searchable and accountable history that will make our ability to serve the membership that much better.  

Finally, we have begun working with Geoff Bacci in Microsoft Teams as well. This allows for us all to collaborate on, and fully address issues easily. But, maybe more importantly, it serves to help continue to further our collective educational efforts as a committee. This gives us a single platform for learning from issues and responses in all of our collective regions.  

Regional OSHA Representative Updates  


Karena Marinas (ZLA) is the NWP OSHA Representative  

No NWP OSHA issues or new construction were shared with me in the last month. The NWP Regional OSHECCOM was conducted via Zoom Meeting and I was elected the Regional OSHECCOM Vice Chair, for a two-year term.  

Region X  

David Kirkwood (ENM) is the Region X OSHA Representative

David reports that projects continue to be shut down and the majority of Region X Engineers remain teleworking. David assisted the Region X RVP and ARVP’s in a national telcon with FAA Tech Ops Management to begin to plan what the phased approach in reopening of facilities and projects will look like.  


Larry Trottini (FS4) is the NAL OSHA Representative

Larry reports that the Juneau terminal construction is now underway. The tower entrance issue was resolved and the door is cleasr and secured. Additionally, Barrow’s flooring vs complete rehabilitation debate is ongoing. ZAN had its third level 3 cleaning. The ENA Alaska Flight Service Academy is working on reopeningand separating the academy from the control area to increase safety.


Dan Sherritt (DSM) is the NCE OSHA Representative  

No new updates for NCE .  


CJ Jacques (PHL) is the NEA OSHA Representative  

CJ reports tha t Allentown Airport experienced a reoccurring Bird Mite infestation. An exterminator came in to handle problem and CJ engaged Geoff Bacci, who reviewed the chemical Safety Data Sheet (SDS). CJ has also helped with many COVID-related calls from multiple facilities regarding cleaning questions.  


Xaviar Rivera (ZID) is the NGL OSHA Representative

Xavier reports that he worked on the resolution of the Unsafe Conditions Report (UCR) at Peoria Air Traffic Control Tower (PIA ATCT) and received and reviewed the PIA ATCT 5th floor asbestos project final clearance lab results with Geoff Bacci and Karena. Xavier advised the necessary parties that the results meet our necessary criteria to begin reoccupying the space.  

Xavier also reports that all masks have been delivered and distributed in the NGL region, and he continues monitoring supply needs and shipments for the region.  


Matt Murray (ZBW) is the NNE OSHA Representative  

NNE has no new OSHA issues or construction projects that have been reported to Matt.  


Shawn Kramer (DEN) is the NNM OSHA Representative  

No NNM OSHA issues or new construction were shared with Shawn this month. Shawn participated in what he called the “best regional OSHECCOM meeting [they] have ever had. ” It was very collaborative and informative and mostly COVID-related.  


Mark Sellek (ZJX) is the NSO OSHA Representative.  

Mark reports that most of the region’s efforts have surrounded COVID response and mitigations. Miami Center experienced flooding on May 26th, and Mark and Geoff Bacci are assisting in reviewing response actions while the water recedes. The Regional OSHECCOM met via virtual methods and reviewed multiple data sources for trend information, as well as discussing ongoing efforts for COVID cleaning and response.  


Deb Stewart (CRP) is the NSW OSHA representative  

NSW has no new OSHA issues or construction projects that have been reported to Deb.  

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