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Runway Safety/ Runway Status Lights

Bridget Singratanakul is the Article 114 Rep for Runway Safety/Runway Status Lights. 

Background: The Runway Safety group aims to embody a safe flight — both at its start and at its conclusion. It continues to be one of the FAA’s highest priorities and encompasses pilots, air traffic controllers, and airport vehicle drivers. Runway Safety offers guidance, resources, and expertise and welcome questions, comments, and suggestions. We collect and manage data to determine trending runway safety data. 

The Runway Safety Group has planned on conducting Special Focus Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) meetings. This year and last year Runway Safety has chosen 9 Special Focus RSAT (Runway Safety Action Team) locations. These  facilities  were chosen based on wrong surface operations, runway excursions, and potential for surface collision risk. At this current time, we were able to complete 8 meetings of the 9.  

Every day in the NAS, there is approximately 1 wrong surface alignment/landing.  

ASDE-X Taxiway Arrival Prediction (ATAP) was developed by NAS Second-Level Engineering which is a modification for ASDE-X equipped airports that use the existing safety logic to generate an alert for aircraft aligned to taxiways. ATAP alerts when an aircraft is within 3,000 feet or 20 seconds of the taxiway “threshold”. ATAP is currently live at 18 sites which include the following locations: SEA, BOS (limited functionality), ATL, BDL, PHL, CLT, DFW, STL, MCO, IAH, DTW, LAX, ORD, SAN, FLL, STL, SDF, and BWI. Work is ongoing as the national workgroup works towards evaluating all ASDE-X sites for the enhancement. The hope is to be completed by the end of 2020. However, with the impact of Covid-19, I believe this project will run into FY2021. There are currently 12 facilities that are at a point that once we are back into normal operations, we can begin facility data briefings, train the trainer sessions, and safety risk management panels.  

I am a member of the Wrong Surface Task Force. The task force is likely to continue for the next two years. The group will be looking at all wrong surface data and mitigations to determine potential additional recommendations as well as determine what throughout the NAS has already been attempted or currently being worked on. The next meeting date is undetermined at this time due to conflicting schedules. 

In collaboration with Air Traffic Services, Safety, and NATCA, we are working on 4 deliverables for the field. The first deliverable was a Human Performance piece highlighting distractions, complacency, reduced traffic, reduced hours, and conscious thought. The second deliverable was “The Importance of Notices to Airmen Dissemination in the Airport Environment”. The third deliverable is “Preparing for Increased Traffic in the Airport Environment”. The final deliverable will be relative to the State of Wrong Surface in the National Airspace System.  

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