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On September 1, 2020, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding its intent to realign the organizational structure in its Airports Division (ARP).  The realignment consists of renaming/renumbering organizations to ensure consistency; establishing new organizations to reflect current functions within ARP; and abolishing divisions, branches, and sections that have been unencumbered for years.  The new organizations to be established are: (1) Deputy Director, Office of Airports Safety and Standards, AAS-002; (2) Airports Design and Construction Branch, AAS-110; and (3) Airports Data and Airspace Branch, AAS-120.

The realignment will abolish AAL-601, and all employees currently assigned to AAL-601 will be reassigned to AAL-600.  The realignment will also result in the Southwest Region Airports District Offices (ADOs) being renumbered as follows: (1) the Arkansas/Oklahoma ADO will change from ASW-630 to ASW-AO01; (2) the Louisiana/New Mexico ADO will change from ASW-640 to ASW-AO02; and (3) the Texas ADO will change from ASW-650 to ASW-AO03.

All NATCA bargaining unit employees (BUEs) currently assigned to AAL-601 or any of these Southwest Region ADOs will receive SF-50s documenting these organizational changes.  NATCA confirmed during the briefing that these changes will not result in changes to any BUE’s supervisor, pay, grade, occupational series, duties, geographic location, cubicle location, schedule, or telework agreement.

POCs: ARP National Representative Felicia Reeves, Region X ARVP Bob Aitken, and Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey

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