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On September 10, 2020, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding its intention to implement a memorandum entitled COVID-19 Manager Guidance for Higher Risk Employees Not Eligible to Telework.  This memorandum serves to provide managerial guidance to determine the workplace flexibilities that may be available to accommodate higher-risk FAA bargaining unit employees (BUEs), who are not eligible to telework.  The guidance is categorized into two parts: Part I is for BUEs, who are required to hold an FAA medical clearance or a medical certificate to perform their duties; and, Part II is for BUEs, who are not subject to medical standard requirements as a condition of their employment at the Agency.  The guidance does not dictate an outcome or change operational facilities’ procedures that are currently in place.  Instead, the memorandum purports to provide additional options for consideration for management to accommodate higher risk BUEs.  

NATCA will ensure that the Agency follows through with its outstanding action items and IOU’s.  NATCA will negotiate with the Agency to ensure that the managerial guidance is most palatable to NATCA’s BUEs and is consistent with the CBAs.

POCs: Chief of Staff Dean Iacopelli, Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale, Labor Relations  Attorney May Silverstein, Eastern Region RVP Rich Santa, and National OSHA Representative/Committee Chair Karena Marinas

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