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On September 2, 2020 NATCA and the FAA signed an MOU regarding background investigation fingerprinting for reinvestigation of Moderate Risk employees.  Under the MOU, all fingerprinting activities will occur on duty time as close to the employee’s duty locations as possible.  Whenever possible, fingerprinting will occur at the BUE’s duty station using local PIV Trusted Agents.  BUEs who do not have access to fingerprinting at their local duty location and do not have access to an ASH ID Media office in the local commuting area may use fingerprinting services at local police departments, military bases, or via a private service.  The Agency will cover all costs incurred as a result of the need to seek fingerprinting outside of a BUE’s facility of record or duty location, including but not limited to mileage, tolls, and parking. BUEs who visit FAA Headquarters, the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, the William J. Hughes Technical Center, or any Regional Office will be afforded duty time to fingerprint at the Ash ID Media office.

All fingerprints stored on an ASH server for future five-year reinvestigations will be deleted after the individual has left the Agency, in accordance with OPM standards.

POCs: Chief of Staff Dean Iacopelli, National Training Representative Jamaal Haltom, and Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale

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