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On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, the Agency provided NATCA with notice of its intention to revise WJHTC Order NG 4600.7E, Removal of Property from the William J. Hughes Technical Center, which authorizes bargaining unit employees (BUEs) to remove governmental property from any building or location for the expressed use of conducting official business while teleworking.  Generally, the revisions are minor in nature and eliminate some of the prior obligations of BUEs before they could remove property from the building with the expressed objective of creating a more efficient and effective process in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The revisions were undertaken as a result of numerous BUEs requesting to come into the worksites in order to obtain office chairs, second computer monitors, and other equipment related to executing their official duties and functions.

Prior to the revisions, a BUE who wanted to remove governmental equipment, was obligated to coordinate with an Agency security guard at the facility, including receiving a security pass.  As a result of COVID-19, this requirement has been eliminated.  Now BUEs who want to remove governmental equipment from the worksite will instead coordinate with their frontline managers.

POCs: Labor Relations Attorney May Silverstein, Director of Safety and Technology Tom Adcock, Deputy Director of Safety and Technology Mark McKelligan, Region X ARVP Curt Howe, and EAC Local President/Engineer and Architect Representative for EAC Don Smith.

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