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On July 14, 2020, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding reopening the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) for mission-critical training.  The Agency explained the special procedures implemented to protect the health and safety of individuals working and training at MMAC.  These procedures include, among other things: (1) Level Two cleaning of buildings; (2) implementing contact tracing protocols; (3) reconfiguring training spaces and classrooms to ensure social distancing; (4) encouraging all individuals to wear cloth face coverings; (5) providing cleaning supplies so students can clean/disinfect their work spaces and break areas; (6) limiting visitors to mission-essential personnel who have completed medical screening; (7) reducing class sizes by fifty percent; and (8) restricting travel between buildings.  Additionally, the fitness center will be closed, and the childcare center will remain open with limited hours, depending on state regulations.

During the briefing, NATCA asked about food amenities at MMAC and accommodating meal times.  The Agency responded that the café will remain open, and it will stagger meal times, if necessary, to ensure social distancing.  NATCA also asked about restarting training at MMAC for Region X employees.  The Agency responded that it is currently focused on providing training for technicians, and it does not yet have a projection for reopening MMAC for Region X training.

POCs: Eastern RVP Rich Santa, Western Pacific RVP Joel Ortiz, Region X RVP Brad Davidson, National Training Representative Jamaal Haltom, OSH National Representative Karena Marinas, Chief of Staff Dean Iacopelli, Director of Safety and Technology Tom Adcock, Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale, and Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey

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