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NCF Donates to GRIP

The NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) recently gave $2,000 to GRIP, Guidance Resources for Independent People. GRIP was created by Dr. Alex “Doc” Cullison to help autistic adults navigate the unforgiving waters of life outside the protection of their parents or government services.  

Retired member and former Southwest (NSW) Regional Vice President Ed Mullin pointed NCF towards GRIP. “In 1986-87, we were organizing for our Union in the Southwest,” said Mullin. “The Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (MEBA) was our parent organization at the time, giving us money and providing us with assistance. Alex was the business agent assigned to work and organize NSW for the vote for NATCA, and later, he became president of MEBA. 

“We’ve stayed friends all these years, and I know his family, and I know his son is autistic. One day, Doc mentioned he started a charity for him and people like him, and he also mentioned the charity was having trouble getting funding. I thought about the NCF, and I know they have always done great work, and even started here in our region, so I reached out to them to see if they could help his organization.” 

“I am extremely grateful to NATCA for its generous donation to GRIP, a charity devoted to assisting autistic adults struggling to live independently,” said Cullison. “Your participation reinforces a bridge built three decades ago when we worked together to organize the nation’s air traffic controllers. Again, we join forces for a worthy cause. This reflects the highest ideals of unionism.” 

For more information about GRIP, visit their website or check out this video.

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