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On October 6, 2020, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding its plans to reorganize the Policy and Innovation Division (AIR-600) in order to complete the alignment of policy-related functions and resources into a single division.  This will integrate the division’s six singular areas into a single cohesive organization as part of the service-wide reorganization known as “AIR Transformation.”  The AIR-600 Refinement will result in multiple branches being renamed, created, or abolished.  Presently, the refinement will impact approximately 275 NATCA bargaining unit employees (BUEs).  However, the refinement will not affect BUEs’ grades, series, pay, or duty location.  BUEs’ current telework access will remain unchanged, as will approved leave schedules.

During the briefings, the Agency explained the objectives of the AIR-600 Refinement.  The Agency stated that it seeks to provide BUEs and managers clarity and certainty to stabilize the organization, to integrate six locations and cultures into a cohesive division to improve collaboration, to position the organization to meet safety demands presently and prospectively, and to increase opportunities for technical and career growth.  The Agency explained that despite eliminating and consolidating areas within AIR-600, the changes will not detrimentally impact BUEs.  The Agency emphasized that the changes will not result in any difference in pay, grade, series, position description, work schedules, or seating assignments.  Further, the changes will not result in mandatory relocations.  Lastly, the changes will not result in any difference to telework eligibility or to telework schedules.  Where new positions are created, the Agency has indicated that all BUEs will be eligible to competitively bid on them. 

NATCA will continue to negotiate regarding this matter to ensure that, as a result of the refinement, there will be no adverse impact on the working conditions of its BUEs.

POCs: Labor Relations Staff Attorney May Silverstein, Region X ARVP Curt Howe, NATCA AIR National Representative Patrick Massie, Program Manager/NATCA Division Representative for AIR-600 Steve Rosenfeld, FacRep HQ AIR-600 Victor Powell, and FacRep Mike Dostert

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