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Region X Telecon Notes & Monthly Update | October 2020

Region X Update from Brad Davidson –

Hello Region X Brothers and Sisters –
We are at the final week of endless campaign efforts across the entire country.  This will be a monumental election for our country and specifically for organized labor.  The outcome will significantly impact all of us in Region X and as federal employees.  DO NOT underestimate the importance of this election on our professions, our pay and benefits, and our job security.  Our livelihood is on the ballot.  So, do your job and VOTE!
Region X along with our air traffic family have dedicated Campaign 2020 committees as well as numerous volunteers.  Their efforts can and have already made the difference in several primary races and we are influencing numerous races for our NATCA majority supporters.  Our efforts in this election season have a far-reaching impact on our effectiveness as a union to influence future legislation and our efforts on the hill throughout the year and at NATCA In Washington (NIW).  So, while we are extremely thankful of all of our legislative activists and volunteers you can also help NATCA make a difference by participating in one or more campaign efforts over this last week until the election.  Most of the focus at this point for each campaign is to make sure known supporters get out and vote.  The difficult and uncomfortable initial efforts to influence voters and convince them to vote a particular candidate are essentially over.  Our contacts with the voting public now are essentially with the known friendly voters in each campaign’s district.  Please do not hesitate to get a hold of your local NATCA president, Jason Holland our Region X legislative lead, or myself and we can provide you with available opportunities for this week. 
Because NATCA represents so many essential workers with our air traffic controllers who must report to their facilities regardless of the levels and risk of COVID-19 in their areas of the country we have been able to see local, regional, and national trends well before they are reported in the media.  Currently we are experiencing a third wave across the country at our air traffic facilities with numerous daily cases of suspected, presumed, or known positive cases of COVID-19 within the facilities.  This has resulted in a significant increase in cleaning events and temporary “ATC zero” situation where the facilities (or portions) are shut down for a period of time to allow for full disinfection of the facility prior to reentry.  What does this mean for our Region X membership?  We continue to monitor daily COVID-19 cases across the country and work with the agency on appropriateness of office accessibility as well as field work.  Your health and safety continue to be our top priority and for those with continued telework eligible tasks you can expect that this maximum telework stance with the FAA will continue throughout the fall and into 2021.  Field work activities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will continue to looked at closely.  With all of that as background I do want to share with you our expectations of personal accountability, personal responsibility, and taking the same precautions in your personal lives as we are for your working conditions.  Wear your masks when in public, limit social gatherings, be vigilant in protecting those you know who are in high risk categories as well as the elderly in your lives.  I want us all to come out of this on the other side with the least amount of impact to each one of you personally, your families, and your communities. 
Be on the lookout for the warning signs of COVID-19 for yourself and family members:

            • Fever or chills
            • Cough
            • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
            • Fatigue
            • Muscle or body aches
            • Headache
            • New loss of taste or smell
            • Sore throat
            • Congestion or runny nose
            • Nausea or vomiting
            • Diarrhea
Consistent with previous messages please schedule your leave.  There will be no provisions this year simply because of COVID-19 for any extension or carryover of leave balances. 
Now that maximum telework has been with us for several months and will be here to stay for the foreseeable future while COVID-19 continues to be a significant risk I am noticing numerous employee/employer conflicts across the country and within several different LOBs.  Remember our first course of action is not to jump to a grievance.  Rather work with your manager on the issue of conflict, involve your local NATCA representative to help evaluate the situation and provide guidance or to advocate your position on your behalf.  Many times, resolution can occur with a simple conversation.  If resolution is not achieved with initial conversations then a formal problem-solving session in accordance with Article 8 of the CBA is the appropriate first step prior to filing a grievance.  The formal problem-solving request preserves your timelines for filing a grievance and can often include the next level supervisor where both you (and your NATCA rep) as well as the direct manager can lay out your opposing positions.  In most cases a resolution can be achieved with these problem-solving events.  However, only after exhausting these efforts locally should we be initiating the Article 9 grievance process.  It is always in your best interest to solve the conflict/issue at the lowest level possible and it is definitely the most timely avenue to achieve a resolution.  The grievance process is a valuable tool but please recognize it is often a lengthy process and should be reserved for those cases of clear violations of the CBA.  We need to be strategic with elevating a conflict/issue to a grievance and you will want to receive the council of your NATCA representative early in the conflict resolution process.
NATCA’s Benefit partner, Sky One Federal Credit Union, has been a partner with NATCA for many years.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, many have had to change the way they live and do business.  SkyOne FCU is no different.  They want to finish October strong, and with that, they are putting on a time sensitive promotion (expires on October 31st).

This promotion has a few incentives.  For every Local that has ten (10) new sign-ups using the process outlined in this email, the Local will receive a deposit of $1,000 into their account. This promo is good for all NATCA members AND any applicable family members, so even locals with less than ten (10) members can qualify for the $1,000!!!

Those members who sign up using this process will also get a $25 Amazon e-Giftcard. 

In addition to the above incentive, if an account is opened for a minor, they get $50 added to their account.

So the Local gets $1,000 if they get ten (10) new accounts attributed to their local, the member receives a $25 Amazon e-Giftcard, and they are a minor, they get an additional $50 in their account. 
Take care, stay safe, an look forward to the holiday season (albeit likely in a completely different way than you have traditionally enjoyed the holiday season).
Brad Davidson
Region X VP


Region X National Leadership
Brad Davidson     Regional VP                   bdavidson@natca.net
Bob Aitken           ARVP                                   raitken@natca.net
Curt Howe           ARVP                                    chowe@natca.net
Felicia Reeves    Airports                                 freeves@natca.net
Patrick Massie    Aircraft Certification   patrick.massie@natca.net
Pam Rusk           Information Technology           prusk@natca.net
Stacie Wooten    Drug Abatement    swooten3128@sbcglobal.net 

Region X National Committee Representatives
Don Schmeichel  –  Safety            dschmeichel@natca.net
Della Swartz  –  Safety                   della.swartz@natca.net
Mike Martin  –  Constitution                  mmartin@natca.net
Don Smith  – Organizing                    don.smith@natca.net
Jefferson MacDonald – Organizing
Homer Benavides  – OSHA    homerbenavides@gmail.com
Quang Nguyen  –  Benefits         quang.nguyen@natca.net
Jason Holland – Legislative          jason.holland@natca.net
Dawn Forde – Legislative                  dforde03@gmail.com
Ricky Hidalgo – Drug & Alcohol  rhidalgo108@hotmail.com
Corey Glaze – Pay Team             corey.s.glaze@gmail.com 
Ed Szczuka  –  On-boarding               eszczuka@natca.net
Pam Rusk – Regional Communications    prusk@natca.net
Molly Fierro  – Finance                     mlamrouex@natca.net
Thom Twitchell – OWCP                    twitchs@earthlink.net
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