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Podcast: 2020 Great Lakes Region Archie League Award Winners Discuss Their Save

Brittany Jones and Bob Obma, Indianapolis Center (ZID)

Dennis Tyner was piloting a Skyhawk. He departed Prestonsburg, Ky., headed for Lexington, Ky. He encountered icing conditions and requested a lower altitude from Obma. Unfortunately, because of the mountainous terrain, Obma was only able to get him down to 3,100 feet, which was not enough to get the ice off the aircraft. As an experienced pilot himself, Obma knew what Tyner was experiencing in trying to fly the aircraft. Obma declared an emergency for him before starting work to vector him around higher terrain and setting him up for an approach at an alternate airport in Morehead, Ky. Jones joined Obma as his D-side controller. Listen to the podcast to see how this situation was handled.

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