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Many NATCA Members’ Good Work Recognized with FAA ATO Awards

The FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) hosts an annual awards program honoring the outstanding achievements and contributions of its employees. This year’s recipients were selected from 314 nominations across the National Airspace System (NAS) for superior individual and team performance, and we are proud to honor and recognize several NATCA members and facilities.

The Collaboration, Partnership, Success Award is presented to an individual or team for successful implementation of one or more solutions or projects by building partnerships based on trust, respect, and responsiveness with internal or external customers and stakeholders to advance ATO goals.  

Congratulations to Beth Adams, Traffic Management Unit Command Center (DCC), for her work on the Space Operations Team. 

Congratulations to Jordan Klein, New York TRACON (N90), and Shawn Reddinger, Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) for their work on the JFK Runway 13 Left CANARSIE Team.

The Exemplary Program Management Award is presented to a team that shows significant accomplishment in meeting program deliverables, milestones and functionality, managing program costs, mitigating risks, collaborating with stakeholders, and communicating the program well to colleagues and leadership.  

Congratulations to Fred Karl, Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC), for his work on the N47 Part 135 Certificate Team.

The Administrative Excellence Award is presented to an individual or team for demonstration of customer service excellence and a “can-do” attitude in accomplishing administrative processes, procedures, and support, contributing to ATO goals.   

Congratulations to the members of the National Validation Team (NVT): Jonathan Bouhebent, Denver Center (ZDV), Mark Collins, Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL), Scott Fineron, Northern California TRACON (NCT), Gilbert Geer, Joshua CCF (JCF), Corey Grafe, Philadelphia ATCT (PHL), Brody McCray, Washington Center (ZDC), Heather McNevin, Minneapolis Center (ZMP), Matt Scala, Denver TRACON (D01), Rich Santa, Eastern Regional Vice President, Steven Spiller, Boston ATCT (BOS), John Tornatore-Pili, San Francisco ATCT (SFO), and Mike Weekley, Columbus (Ohio) ATCT (CMH).

The World-Class Learning & Development Award is presented to an individual or team for excellence in the design, development, or implementation of technical or non-technical programs. This award acknowledges excellent application of any creative, innovative method, or mode of sharing and imparting knowledge to the workforce.

Congratulations to Mark Rogers, Miami Center (ZMA), of the Aircrew Training Group Team.

The Outstanding Controller Award is presented to an Air Traffic Control Specialist who has achieved the highest level of performance, resulting in significant contributions to the safety and efficiency of the NAS. The controller may be from any of the following specialties: En Route, Terminal, Flight Service Station, or Traffic Management.

Congratulations to Eric Tarnow, Fargo/Hector Field ATCT (FAR).

The Outstanding Air Traffic Facility Award is presented to air traffic service facilities that demonstrate overall outstanding performance and accomplishments.

Congratulations to Fort Wayne ATCT (FWA), led by FacRep Jordan Hefner, Indianapolis ATCT (IND), led by FacRep Matthew Gladieux, and Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON (D10), led by FacRep Terry Donaldson.

The Outstanding Flight Service Specialist Award is presented to a Flight Service Specialist who has achieved the highest level of performance, resulting in significant contributions to the safety and efficiency of the NAS. 

Congratulations to Renee Magnuson, Flight Service Station ENA (FS1).

Congratulations to the 2020 NAS First, People Always award recipients!

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