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Chrissy Padgett to Chair National Safety Committee

Chrissy Padgett (Washington Center, ZDC) will chair the National Safety Committee and assume the National Safety Representative position beginning in 2021. Padgett is NATCA’s ATSAP Analyst for the Eastern Service Area’s Event Review Committee (ERC). She has served on various committees and in a number of roles over her 21-year career within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) including on NATCA’s Reloaded Committee, the National Training Committee, the Communicating For Safety (CFS) Planning Committee, the Historical Committee, and NATCA’s Board of Trustees. She also was heavily involved in representing NATCA on the collaborative Partnership For Safety program within the FAA.

At CFS in 2019, Padgett was presented with the Steve Hansen Safety Advocate Award, given to a NATCA member who has made extraordinary achievements, working tirelessly on NATCA’s behalf to be a leader in furthering the cause of aviation safety. Upon presenting her with the award, NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert said, “She was tenacious in her advocacy, pushing facilities to conduct their monthly safety discussions. She also graciously and expertly supported the work of the local safety councils.”

As Padgett prepares to step into her new role, she wants to ensure that NATCA continues to be on the forefront of safety. “If I can take part in moving the National Safety Committee forward even a percentage of the amount that Steve Hansen did, then I consider that a success,” she says. “Steve has been a mentor of mine for many years. Those that know him recognize that his passion for protecting the members and ensuring the process makes sense and is followed is unwavering. Safety is constantly changing and evolving in our profession. I want to ensure our members are always protected.”

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