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OKC Virtual Meet and Greet

NATCA members hosted its first virtual meet and greet for the students at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, since being shuttered earlier this year. NATCA participants included Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert; Professional Standards Eastern Region Rep Chris Keyes, Washington Center (ZDC), and Northwest Mountain Region Rep Lydia Baune, Spokane ATCT (GEG); Benefits Committee Southwest Region Rep John Bratcher, Fort Smith ATCT (FSM); Reloaded Committee Chair Dawn Johnson, Atlanta Center (ZTL); Union Synergy Committee Co-Chair Maurice Franklin and Northwest Mountain Regional Vice President and member Alex Navarro; and SkyOne Federal Credit Union Rep Dina Earl.

“These NATCA meet and greets are very important, and we needed a way to connect with our future members,” said Navarro. “In this moment, communication and solidarity are vital, and I think we were able to accomplish both. It’s always fun and exciting to meet the next generation of controllers and I look forward to the next opportunity.”

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