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Facility Spotlight: DuPage Airport ATCT (DPA)

How many members/controllers are in DPA and what percent are NATCA?
We currently have 17 controllers at DPA, 1 is an academy grad that hasn’t been able to report yet for training but during his on boarding he did advise me he fulling intends to join NATCA once he’s cleared to come back and train! So right now, 16 out of 17 are NATCA members.

Tell us about the type of traffic you work, level of your facility, airspace type
We work General Aviation traffic with a good mix of different types of aircraft, from experimental to biz jets. We even have a privately owned military jet based here that goes out every once in a while. We are a level 6 class Delta airspace.

Which other facilities do you work with?
The only other facility we work with is C90 for IFR inbounds/outbounds.

What are some highlights around your area?
The Highlights of the area are the over all curb appeal of DPA. Its one of the best kept airports I have ever worked at. Last year we had a lot of golf professionals fly into DPA for the BMW classic including Roy McIlroy and Tiger Woods! We also have McDonalds corporate based here along with some other prominent names flying in and out. Oprah has flown in, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ty Beanie Baby used to fly his B737 in as well.

Tell us about NATCA Activism at DPA:
Our NATCA activism hasn’t been one of our strengths, with our local fund not very big its hard to fund lots of programs. That doesn’t stop our members from doing great things though. One of our coolest pilot out reach programs was started by a member Jason Makowski called Coffee with Controllers where pilots can come and ask questions about procedures and new practices happening in the NAS.

Why is NATCA important at your facility?
NATCA has been a huge part of our facility. We lack a consistent managerial staff because most come and go for career progression. NATCA has helped build a consistent work environment through collaboration that makes DPA a great place to work and the members happy.

Matthew Prokop
DPA FacRep

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