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NATCA News Alert: Coalition urges nation’s governors to prioritize aviation workers in vaccination plans

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

NATCA today joined a coalition of 22 aviation union and industry groups in sending a letter to the governors of the 50 U.S. states and five populated territories urging them to prioritize frontline aviation workers for allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine in their state’s upcoming vaccination implementation plans.

The letters explain how aviation workers are vulnerable and why we need to be prioritized. “Aviation workers are frontline workers who either encounter the traveling public frequently or are required to perform our work in close proximity to our colleagues and perform our jobs onsite.” 

As our country begins to distribute vaccines, “the U.S. will need every asset available to perform optimally — including the frontline workers that keep our nation’s safe and efficient air transportation and supply chain systems operational,” the letter continued. “Air transportation will be essential to fight back against the virus and return to normal, even if it is a new normal. As crewmembers, machinists, air traffic controllers, customer service representatives, airport workers, and recognizing other government frontline partners in the FAA, TSA, and CBP, we stand ready to carry the vaccines, medical supplies and healthcare professionals that will help our nation defeat this virus, giving us hope for a healthy future and full economic recovery.”

The coalition included the following organizations:

Click here to see an example of one of the letters in its entirety.

In solidarity, 

Paul Rinaldi

Trish Gilbert
Executive Vice President

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