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Record Numbers Sign Up in Unum Campaign

Like most things in 2020, NATCA’s Unum long-term disability open enrollment period was challenging. With the COVID pandemic, we were unable to educate members about this important benefit at our Union’s national, regional, and local events. We had to change the way we reached members about how this plan protects their income. 

We had help from every corner of NATCA to make this possible: the National Executive Board, the NATCA Membership Board of Trustees, the National Benefits Committee, the NATCA National Office Public Affairs staff, the National Training Committee, the Union Synergy Committee, our NATCA Families group, our partners at Southern Insurance Group (SIG) and National Insurance Services, FacReps and other activists all across the nation. Working together, they all made this a success. What does success look like? Membership Board of Trustees Chair John Bratcher (Fort Smith ATCT, FSM), explains below:

“We started out with a goal of signing up 500 members. When we closed the initial enrollment period on Nov. 30, we hit exactly 500. That was unexpected and amazing considering what we’ve faced throughout 2020. When we got an extension of 10 days, we started asking what was the largest single enrollment total? After some research, we discovered back in 2012, we signed up 562 members. I was sure that we could rise to that challenge over the next 10 days. With all the fantastic work by all our members and partners, I am honored and excited to say that we not only reached that goal, but we blew it out of the water! Our 2020 final results of new enrollees is 602! 

“Rest assured that our members are more protected now because of this program. Thank you to my NATCA family. I hope you are staying safe and have an enjoyable holiday season!”

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