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NGL Facility Spotlight: FCM: Flying Cloud Airport, Eden Prairie, MN

How many members/controllers are in FCM and what percent are NATCA?
FCM has 14 members and we’re 100% NATCA.

Tell us about the type of traffic you work, level of your facility, airspace type
We’re a level 5 VFR tower working mostly GA flight training operations. Our traffic has been increasing rapidly over the last 7 months and we’re approaching the threshold for level 6 consideration. The airport is building more corporate and private hangers as fast as they can, and we’re excited to work the additional traffic that they’ll bring.

Which other facilities do you work with?
We’re under the MSP Bravo airspace, so we’re dependent on M98 for all of our IFR traffic, and due to M98 South Satellite’s restricted airspace, we frequently coordinate with them in reference to our VFR traffic as well.

What are some highlights around your area?
FCM has a great view and is in a great location. We overlook the MN River and Valleyfair Amusement Park. Valleyfair does weekly fireworks during the summer that we enjoy watching and being over the river, we also frequently see – and work around – many animals including hawks and eagles. Our airport also hosts an annual air show during the second weekend of July called Air Expo. Past events include warbird overflights, the B17, and RedBull skydivers.

Tell us about FCM’s NATCA Activism and involvement at your local:
Each year our local participates in Sponsor-A-Family to provide Christmas gifts to a local family in need. On the NATCA front, we’ve sent at least one participant each year to both CFS and NIW for the past several years.

Why is NATCA important at your facility?
NATCA is important at our facility because it ensures our members receive fair treatment, representation, and input in working with management through our many growing pains while our airport continues to increase traffic and add procedures to accommodate the changes.

Ben Graden

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