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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Committee


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Karena Marinas (ZLA) is the Chairperson of NATCA’s OSHA Committee.  

Background: The NATCA OSHA Committee endeavors to assist NATCA representatives and members to identify, understand, prevent, and seek remedy for occupational safety and health (OSH) issues. The committee is comprised of a NATCA OSHA representative from every region. Each OSHA representative works with their service area-level management counterpart in the FAA’s Environmental Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) Services group and represents NATCA on their respective Regional Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance Committees (OSHECCOM). Additionally, the committee Chairperson collaborates with the EOSH Services Group manager at FAA Headquarters, represents NATCA on the National OSHECCOM, and works with NATCA’s Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) to address indoor air quality (IAQ), water quality, and other issues.  

Chair Update  

As COVID-19 reported cases continue to climb in the US, they do within our facilities as well. We have worked hard to ensure protection measures are in place for the NATCA membership, and it is important that we are all diligent in our self-protection measures. Wear your masks, wash your hands frequently, wipe down your workspaces and equipment with EPA Certified cleaners, self-check for symptoms, and reduce your close, in-person interactions with others.  

In the past month, Homer Benavides and I participated in a briefing from the FAA on the changes to FAA JO 1050.22A, Environmental Management System for the ATO. The main drivers for change come from Executive Orders and International Standard changes. The order is expected to be published soon.  

Additionally, our committee created a new virtual training for our membership, titled, “Participating in Your OSHECCOM.” One of the best ways you can encourage collaboration at your facility and affect change for the health and safety of your workplace is to be involved in your local or Establishment OSHECCOM. In this webinar, we helped demystify the OSHECCOM process, educate members on how to start an OSHECCOM, and provided tools for strengthening functioning OSHECCOMs. We will, of course, continue to offer this, so stay tuned!  

Further, we continue our dedication to training ourselves within the committee in order to continually better serve the membership. As such, our committee representatives participated in another intensive training led by NATCA’s CIH, Geoff Bacci, on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We focused on strengthening our base knowledge and increasing our understanding of Geoff’s expertise.  

Finally, Homer Benavides, Larry Trottini, and I participated in the National OSHECCOM meeting in October. The meeting was held virtually, and it was very productive in getting us back to the collaborative table to re-focus on work safety and health in the FAA. At the end of the meeting, I was named Chair of the National OSHECCOM and a new Vice Chair was voted on and awarded to the ATO Management representative. Now that NATCA holds the chair position of the National OSHECCOM, I am eager to continue to positively influence and lead the group of FAA management and labor representatives in the health and safety issues that span the country and cross lines of business.  

If you have any questions related to workplace health and safety, please reach out to your Regional OSHA representatives. Our contact information is listed on our webpage at https://www.natca.org/committees/osha/  

Regional OSHA Representative Updates  


Karena Marinas is the NWP OSHA Representative and NATCA OSHA Committee Chairperson  

During the month of October, I participated in a briefing from the FAA regarding the plan for the Western Pacific Regional Office Building Return Procedures. The plan follows the Non-Operational return to work guidance and will include input from the local OSHECCOM.  


Mark Sellek is the NSO OSHA Representative and the NATCA OSHA Committee Vice Chairperson  

November in the Southern Region has once again proven eventful with Covid-19 (CV19) cases. Cases continue to rise and impact facilities with cleaning events.  

Louisville Standiford (SDF) experienced multiple issues this month. Facility management and Information Technology (IT) attempted to move forward with an internet upgrade requiring multiple contractors to enter the facility. This project was determined to be non-mission critical and is on hold again. Additionally, SDF, Birmingham (BHM), and Nashville (BNA) all experienced new water intrusions resulting from Tropical Storm Zeta.  

Region X  

Homer Benavides is the new Region X OSHA Representative  

I am the new Region X OSHA Representative. Please contact me if you need anything.  


Larry Trottini is the NAL OSHA Representative  

I have been working COVID issues in A11, ZAN, MRI, DLG, ENA, FAI, and OME where Level 3 cleanings have been completed. The state of Alaska declared a State of emergency yesterday and we are still finding out how that might affect us.  

JNU tower construction is slow but continues. I will be attending the Regional OSHECCOM next week and continue to work power issues in OME and SIT.  


Krissy Lewandowski is the NNM OSHA Representative and Patrick Long is the Co-representative  

P80 had a fire exit route blocked by construction a new route designed, briefed, and implemented. DEN is undergoing mold testing for a pre-construction project on admin space and I am awaiting test results.  

CPR’s plumbing issue has been resolved. The water testing was completed and acceptable.  


CJ Jacques (PHL) is the NEA OSHA Representative  

RDG completed a temporary fix for the temperature issues with the HVAC while a permanent fix is on order. I reviewed the upcoming project list and COVID data sheet sent by the program and requirements office.  


Dan Sherritt (DSM) is the NCE OSHA Representative  

No update.  

Xavier Rivera (ZID) is the NGL OSHA Representative  

I am continuing to verify the adequacy of wipes and cleaners being used across the region.  


Matt Murray (ZBW) is the NNE OSHA Representative  

No Update.  


Deb Stewart (CRP) is the NSW OSHA representative  

No Update.  

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