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Welcoming Two New FCT Facilities into the NATCA Family: BAF, MDH

NATCA represents a group of air traffic control specialists that work in 114 Federal Contract Towers (FCTs) for one of four private employers: Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc., RVA-CI Squared Aviation, Inc., and Serco Management Services, Inc. For more information on all of NATCA’s represented bargaining units, please click here.
Today, we’d like to recognize and welcome the members from two more FCTs who recently voted to join NATCA:


Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport is a joint civil-military airport in Hampden County, Mass., three miles north of Westfield and northwest of Springfield. Westfield-Barnes is one of the state’s largest airports with a strong flight training, general aviation, and military presence. It is also known as Barnes Air National Guard Base.

Westfield-Barnes ATCT (BAF) has four members who unanimously voted to join NATCA in August 2020. Andrew Brennan serves as the FacRep and treasurer, and Laurie Addoms serves as the vice president and secretary.

“It is great to be back in the active NATCA family,” said Brennan. “During my FAA career, I was a longtime FacRep and a Legislative Rep at Bradley International ATCT (BDL). As a lifetime NATCA member that started in the FAA before NATCA was chartered, it has been amazing to see the growth and development of NATCA into a world-class organization. I am encouraged to see all the new, young NATCAvists stepping up to the challenges and continuing the work.”


Southern Illinois Airport is a public airport in Jackson County, Ill. It is located three nautical miles northwest of the central business district of Carbondale and east of Murphysboro.

Home to Southern Illinois University’s aviation flight and aviation technologies programs, the airport is capable of accommodating a variety of aircraft up to and including the Boeing 757. Sufficient aircraft ramps and tie-down spaces exist for a large and varied number of aircraft. Hangar space is available for based and transient aircraft up to and including the Gulfstream V.

Southern Illinois ATCT (MDH) has five members, with Brad Devening serving as the FacRep, Mark Wilcox serving as the vice president, and Elliott Benton serving as the secretary and treasurer. The tower operates daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., with an Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) weather facility operating on a 24-hour basis.

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