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ZNY Collaboration

When the Right From The Start program began its work at ZNY there was minimal collaboration and communication within the facility, and the majority of our time was spent arguing instead of problem solving. We were skeptical when the program was suggested and our participation encouraged from our leadership at the Service Area and NATCA Region. Although it took some time, the Right From The Start team was able to help us identify deficiencies in our relationship and assist us in finding the tools we need to maintain a collaborative relationship. The resources that were provided by the team and the change in leadership propelled us to success faster. The foundation of trust by starting off on the right foot with the structure Right From The Start provides, is the recipe for success. We know all leadership teams will be challenged, and thanks to the Right From The Start program we can trust our relationship to navigate those challenges. We appreciate all the time and hard work the program and the Right From The Start team invested in us!

Tom Cates (ATM) & Frank Galante (FacRep)

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