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National Trajectory Based Operations (TBO)/Northeast Corridor (NEC) Operating Area Collaborative Workgroup

Phil Hargarten is the Article 114 National Trajectory Based Operations Representative, Article 114 Northeast Corridor Operating Area Collaborative Workgroup Co-lead, and also sits on the Performance Based Navigation Nextgen Integration Working Group (NIWG) and the Northeast Corridor NIWG. The NIWGs are subgroups of the Nextgen Advisory Committee (NAC) and the Nextgen Advisory Committee Sub-committee (NACSC) 

TBO Background:   Trajectory Based Operations is an air traffic management method for strategically planning, managing, and optimizing flights throughout the National Airspace System. TBO leverages Time Based Management (TBM) and Performance Based Navigation where available. TBM may include airborne metering, surface metering, terminal metering, departure scheduling, etc. Performance Based Navigation may include Area Navigation (RNAV), Required Navigation Performance (RNP), STARS, SIDS, and Instrument Approach Procedures, etc. Enablers of TBO may include DATACOMM, System-wide Information Management (SWIM), Enhanced Data Exchange, Advanced Weather, etc. 

TBO will be deployed through the system via designated eight Operating Areas. Currently identified Operating Areas are Northeast Corridor, Northwest Mountain (emphasis on Denver), and Atlantic (emphasis on Atlanta). 

Workgroups and teams currently established to support TBO 

·      National TBO Co-leads 

·      NEC Collaborative Workgroup 

·      Denver Collaborative Workgroup 

·      Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) National Ops Team 

·      TBO/TBFM Training Workgroup (exploring facility training improvements and standardization 

·      Change Strategy Team (will support all teams above to ensure consistent messaging and support for facilities within operating areas) 

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