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NATCA Academy Virtual Learning Series: End of Year Forms

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, NATCA has had to change how it trains its members. Virtual courses are currently replacing in-person classes and events. While some courses are familiar and popular favorites, the pandemic has brought with it the ability for NATCA to offer new and popular courses to many more members. NATCA’s Chrissy Padgett explains how our Union wants to share these courses with you.

What have been the positive aspects of transitioning the NATCA Academy to virtual learning? What have been some of the challenges?
: The positive aspects of transitioning these courses to virtual learning is that we’re able to reach a much broader audience. Members that were previously limited by travel restrictions or had issues getting off the schedule to attend the training in person can now join online from their home.

Some of the challenges of virtual learning have been the personal interaction or lack thereof. We knew that would be a hurdle going in so we try to do everything we can to keep the interaction and engagement that has made all of our in-person classes so successful. I know the virtual classes that I’ve been a part of, whether it was as an instructor or a participant, have really made an effort to maintain that personal interaction, even staying on for discussions until the last participant logs off.

Why is it important for NATCA members to participate in these courses?
Padgett: It’s so important for NATCA members to participate in virtual learning because this is such a unique opportunity where pretty much every aspect of NATCA is being offered as an online class. All members should be taking advantage of this chance to learn more about our Union and what interests them.

What is the benefit members gain from taking these courses?
: The benefits that members gain from taking these courses is learning more about what NATCA is doing on their behalf and on behalf of their profession and how they can get involved. Members can also gain a better understanding of the roles that they play in their Union and ways they can help improve our Union.

This week we will focus on the End of Year Forms webinar with instructors Dallas/Love Field ATCT (DAL) FacRep Dontae Siders and Seattle Center (ZSE) Treasurer Devin Carlisto.

What is this course about?
: The End of Year Forms course gives step-by-step instructions on filling out the required forms NATCA locals are required to file with the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These forms include the LM-4, LM-3 and IRS 990-N (e-Postcard).

Who would benefit from taking this course?
: This course is designed to benefit incoming FacReps and treasurers, and serves as a refresher for more seasoned E-board members, since filling out these forms is something we only do once a year.

Why is this course important?
: This course is important because it gives all of our locals the tools they need to accomplish their responsibilities and be in compliance with SRD-8 of the NATCA National Constitution.

Why do you enjoy teaching this course?
: Devin and I are both on the NATCA National Finance Committee, so we love talking about finances! In all honesty, we enjoy teaching this course because we are helping our brothers and sisters become more educated. When you take on more responsibilities, the extra tasks can sometimes become overwhelming; we like being able to simplify, provide helpful resources to free up your plate, and make your job that much easier. With this course, we can show you how to do that.

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