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Union Members Feature: The International Transport Workers’ Federation

NATCA continues to highlight our union sisters and brothers who are also essential workers during the COVID-19 national emergency. The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is a federation of nearly 700 affiliated trade unions from 150 countries. ITF’s affiliate unions represent nearly 20 million working men and women across the world. ITF helps their affiliate unions secure rights, equality, and justice. Our Union is one of 20 ITF affiliate unions in the United States, and NATCA’s Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert serves as Vice Chair of the ITF Air Traffic Services Committee. ITF’s goals include.

  • Promoting respect for trade union and human rights worldwide,
  • Working for peace based on social justice and economic progress,
  • Helping our affiliated unions defend the interests of their members,
  • Providing research and information services to our affiliates, and
  • Provide general assistance to transport workers in difficulty.

Click here to read more about what ITF is doing to advance workers’ rights around the world.

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