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On February 23, 2021, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding the resumption of on-site inspections at airports where the inspection is regarded as mission critical.  The Agency had authorized a managerial directive requiring that field managers and bargaining unit employees (BUEs) develop a risk-based inspection schedule using specified criteria such as the amount of time since the last inspection, Agency Policy #110, or other reports of safety concerns.  Although NATCA is presently involved in negotiations regarding the FAA Road to Recovery Plans, Phase 1 and 2 for ARP, which includes the resumption of on-site inspections, NATCA believed the sharp increase in the amount of airport inspections being performed necessitated a full briefing to obtain an explanation of forthcoming changes, and to ensure that they did not adversely impact BUEs.  

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states and airports imposed ravel restrictions, resulting in the delay and rescheduling of many periodic inspections required for airports that are certified under 14 CFR Part 139.  Therefore, after evaluating the status of extended inspection cycles, the Agency determined that on-site inspections must resume.  If twenty-four or more months have lapsed since the last inspection was performed, the Agency has designated these inspections as mission critical.  

Because negotiations concerning the Return to Work for ARP and the resumption of on-site inspections remain ongoing, NATCA will modify its proposed MOU based on the additional concerns that were raised during this briefing.

POCs: Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale, Labor Relations Attorney May Silverstein, Region X RVP Brad Davidson, ARP National Representative Felicia Reeves, and ARP FacRep Patrick Rogers

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