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Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Criteria 

Bennie Hutto is the Article 114 National PBN Criteria Representative.  

Background: PBN design criteria can have a significant impact to instrument flight procedures and routes as they interact with ATC operations. As a result, the Agency and NATCA agreed that having bargaining unit representation is essential in ensuring the success of the Agency’s PBN NAS Navigation Strategy.  

Florida Metroplex: There were some concerns by the Florida Metroplex team concerning criteria as well as rules and requirements. I participated in several video conferences providing information concerning procedural criteria pertaining to Standard Instrument Departures (SID’s) and Standard Terminal Arrivals (STAR’s) for those at various facilities within the Florida Metroplex team.  

Performance Based Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee (PARC) Navigation (NAV) WG: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our face-to-face meetings have been canceled and we are conducting the meetings via video conference and during our last meeting, which occurred on February 3rd & 4th, we discussed the following: 1. Obstacle Evaluation Harmonization: During our meeting on January 8, 2021, the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) asked if any smaller airports had been analyzed, which they were not. During this meeting, they indicated that the RNAV (GPS) approach should be evaluated located at Teterboro (KTEB), Boca Raton (KBCT), Lancaster County (KLKR), Greenwood County (KGRD), Sylacauga Municipal (KSCD), Pickens County (KLQK), and Athens (KAHN). MITRE agreed to perform the evaluations using the same methodologies used at the larger airports, and we should receive a briefing of the results during our next meeting. 2. Advanced RNP (A-RNP) Concept of Use: The work performed by the A-RNP Action Team was believed to have reached a point where this topic could be brought into the full NAV WG for further discussions. However, based on comments and discussions, it was decided it needed to go back to a smaller group to ensure all the concerns and issues had been vetted.  

PARC Pilot Controller Procedures System Integration (PCPSI) WG: The Phraseology Harmonization Subgroup completed their work regarding the viability if phraseology could be harmonized with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The findings and recommendations were presented to the PARC Steering Group on February 12, 2021, and it’s my understanding they will spend time going over all the information and determine if it will be presented to the FAA for further work. Working with NATCA’s National Airspace and Procedures Committee (NAPC), we made it clear in the findings that “before we can agree to any of the recommendations concerning phraseology, those recommended changes from the PARC Phraseology Harmonization SG require a further, comprehensive analysis on the potential cause and resulting effects associated with the proposed phraseology changes. This may require HITL simulations or other measures including both controller and pilot participation. A further analysis would help identify those challenges presented from various pilot-controller interactions and provide the experts with the necessary qualitative-based information for recommending changes to FAA Orders and AIM.”  

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) 

Matt Trimble is the NATCA AIS Representative  

AIMM E1/FNS Migration 

Background:  On January 26th, AJM-336 Program Office received approval from the JRC to separate the current AIMM E1 investment into two separate investments. The new investment strategy creates “FNS Sustainment” as its own investment. The goal of FNS Sustainment is the migration of the United States NOTAM System (USNS) to the Federal NOTAM System (FNS) as well as the creation of a sole NOTAM repository. AIMM E1 now will concentrate on the consolidation and improvement of existing legacy airspace design tools, including the development and deployment of Enterprise Airspace Tool (EAST), coming to compliance with ICAO formatted NOTAMs, providing NOTAM system and dissemination status capability, and enhancements to Aeronautical Common Service (ACS). The FNS Sustainment Final Investment Decision (FID) is currently expected in Q4 of FY2021 and AIMM E1 FID is planned for Q4 of 2022. Updating NOTAM Systems is one of the Agency’s top 5 safety priorities.  

A Safety Risk Management Panel was conducted on February 9th on the FNS 2.19 software release. This release includes improvements to Construction Notice Diagram Automation. Currently, all Construction Notice Diagrams are hand drawn for publishing. This update will help improve and automate this process, giving a wider range of airports that qualify for diagrams. Meetings are occurring daily with the Agency and contractors about scheduling, development and testing of items that are critical to the completion of the USNS to FNS migration.

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