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SURVEYS: March 1-15, 2021

NATCA recommends participation in the STEAM Aviation and Space Education (AVSED) survey.  Please note that Question 14 asks for the participant’s email address.  Providing an email address is voluntary, and NATCA recommends NOT doing so for anonymity reasons.  Please see attached Word document notice from the FAA with a link for the survey draft.

NATCA recommends participation in the Aviation Safety Knowledge Management Environment (ASKME) User Feedback Data Capture Survey specifically for the Region X bargaining unit.  Please see attached PowerPoint and PDF document.

NATCA does NOT recommend participation in the APO Blank Survey.  Please see attached PDF.

NATCA does NOT recommend participating in the 2021 Mission-Support Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) at this time because we have not had the opportunity to review and comment on this survey, in accordance with Article 50, Surveys and Questionnaires, of the parties’ CBA.

If you have any questions regarding these surveys, please email Kendal Manson, Senior Labor Relations Administrator, at kmanson@natcadc.org.

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