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Change Strategy


Jimmy Clouse is the Article 114 Representative for Change Strategy.  

Background: The Change Strategy team works with the National Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) Management/NATCA Co-leads and will work with Operating Area Collaborative Work Group Co-leads, Metroplex Co-leads as well as Regional, and Facility leadership. The Change Strategy Team will also work collaboratively at the local level, regionally and nationally to ensure TBO messaging is consistent, accurate and deliberate to facilitate smooth roll out of existing and emerging technologies and concepts. 

Change Strategy continues to meet virtually due to Covid-19.  

Current projects: 

We have provided AJV with a Document Change Proposal (DCP) to the FAAO 7210.3. The 45-day review process with Air Traffic Facilities and the signature process is complete. These changes strengthen language to support TBO and will be in the June 2021 publication.  

We continue to work on adding TBO language to the FAAO 7110.65, FAAO 7210.3, and Pilot/Controller glossary guide.  

We have worked with the Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM) Ops team, AJR, AJI and MITRE to create a TBFM Fundamentals briefing for EnRoute controllers to include TBO. The briefing has been placed on INET (FAA Information Network) and the tasking memo is being reviewed by AJV.    

We will meet with Denver Center (ZDV), Denver Tracon (D01), and DEN Facility Integration Team (FIT)’s on a bi-weekly basis, or sooner, as needed.  

Together, with the NWM CWG Leads, we have met with Denver Center (ZDV) and Denver Tracon (D01) FIT’s and facility leadership to discuss TBFM adaptation, procedure changes, and LOA changes in preparation of TSAS in the 4th quarter of 2022.  

The Change Strategy team meets monthly with the TBFM Ops, AJR, AJI, AJV, FAST, PASS, MITRE, and Tech Ops. A few topics that are discussed and worked on during these meetings are controller metering training, TBFM training and TMU training.  

The Change Strategy meets monthly with Command Center NATCA and Management leaders to brief them on change strategy work to include TBO training for facilities.  

We have created an ad-hoc subgroup to review and discuss present day TMU training. The Change Strategy team will meet with the TBO Management and NATCA lead to discuss formalizing a CWG to update TMU training for Towers, Terminals, Centers, and the Command Center. 

We continue to work with the TBFM Ops team, AJR and AJT on ways to provide the TBFM training to facilities in a virtual environment. AJR will test this method for the TBFM Ops Team and will coordinate with other lines of business as necessary. TBFM training course material will not change.  

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