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Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)

Matt Trimble is the NATCA AIS Representative  

AIMM E1/FNS Migration 

Background:  On January 26th, AJM-336 Program Office received approval from the JRC to separate the current AIMM E1 investment into two separate investments. The new investment strategy creates “FNS Sustainment” as its own investment. The goal of FNS Sustainment is the migration of the United States NOTAM System (USNS) to the Federal NOTAM System (FNS) as well as the creation of a sole NOTAM repository. AIMM E1 now will concentrate on the consolidation and improvement of existing legacy airspace design tools, including the development and deployment of Enterprise Airspace Tool (EAST), coming to compliance with ICAO formatted NOTAMs, providing NOTAM system and dissemination status capability, and enhancements to Aeronautical Common Service (ACS). The FNS Sustainment Final Investment Decision (FID) is currently expected in Q4 of FY2021 and AIMM E1 FID is planned for Q4 of 2022. Updating NOTAM Systems is one of the Agency’s top 5 safety priorities. 

Strategic meetings are being conducted and scheduled to discuss the overall manner in which this new program will be rolling out. Currently Technical Interchange Meetings are being scheduled for every Wednesday between 1 and 3pm. These meetings are currently focused on Preliminary Design Review (PDR) with a timeline set to move into Critical Design Review by June of 2021. In this phase, the team will be conducting initial architecture design and a testing plan. There is also an emphasis on identifying high risk areas, both technical and programmatic. Because of how new this program is, there currently has not been any further discussions into these areas. The requirements and design phase are currently scheduled to be completed by September of 2021. 

NOTAM Manager 

Meetings are still being conducted to determine the appropriate level of security for the log in parameters for non-FAA users of NOTAM Manager (i.e., airport operations). Discussions about using Multi Factor Authentication are continuing. The Agency’s Office of Airports and the Program Management Office (PMO) are not in 100% agreement on how to proceed. TELCONs are being conducted with airport operations from all over the NAS to discuss improvements and feedback on how the Agency can make this program more efficient and to answer any questions that airport operations groups may have about the use of the program and common “user errors” that are being discovered by the Agency. These conversations include NOTAM Policy and NOTAM Governance.  

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