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Virtual Grassroots in Local Districts: Georgia

Columbus, Ga. ATCT (CSG) Legislative Rep Jesse Kendell, Savannah ATCT (SAV) Legislative Rep Nicholas Matthews, and Georgia State Legislative Coordinator and Atlanta Center (ZTL) member Christopher Smith attended a virtual event with Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop, Jr. “The congressman discussed his excitement for the Biden administration’s intent to revitalize the nation’s infrastructure and asked us how our traffic was impacted during the pandemic,” said Smith. “We each provided him with updates from our respective facilities.

“We also briefly discussed how the pandemic has delayed training for some newly hired controllers. I told the congressman that it is imperative to keep the pipeline of trainees open as much as possible because the retirement faucet wasn’t shut off during the pandemic. Congressman Bishop told us that he enjoys these meetings because he recognizes that we are the experts in the field and values our input as it helps guide his decision-making. We thanked him for his support and said we look forward to continued interactions with him and his office.”

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