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IT Tech Tip: Reopening a Specific or Recently Closed Browser Tab

Have you ever been browsing the web, and decided to close a tab, only to realize that you wanted to keep that tab, or go back to that exact page? With a few keystrokes, you can have it re-opened in the blink of an eye! 
On Chrome or Firefox browser:

  • Using Windows: ctrl+shift+t will reopen any recently closed tabs
  • Using a Mac: cmd+shift+t

On Safari browser:

  • Command(cmd)+Z

If you want to reopen a specific recent browser tab, but it was closed several tabs ago and you do not want to re-open ALL the previous tabs, you can do so through the various menus of the web browsers. 
For Chrome:Click on the three dots in the top right of the application (Same location on both Windows and Mac).  With the menu open, select the “History” menu, and then select which recent tab from the list you would like to reopen. 

For Firefox: Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right of the application (Same location on both Windows and Mac). With the menu open, select the “Library” menu, then select the “History” menu, and there you will see your recently closed tabs to select from and open. 

For Safari: In the top menu for Safari, select the “History” menu. From there you will see a section for “Recently Closed” and you can select which tab you would like to reopen.

If you have questions about these issues or any other IT matter, contact the ITC members at itc@list.natca.net.

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