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Virtual Grassroots in Local Districts: New York

New York Center (ZNY) Legislative Rep and National Legislative Committee Alternate Eastern Region Rep Dave Romano attended a virtual event with New York Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (pictured left). She spoke about getting the COVID relief bill done as a priority for the Biden administration and the American people, and also talked about her new committee and subcommittee assignments. “After a few people asked questions and thanked her for support, she asked me how the air traffic controllers were doing,” said Romano. “I thanked her for her support in the past, introduced myself as a ‘local’ contact for aviation safety-related issues, and that I looked forward to working with her and her office during the 117th Congress. She said her door is always open to us and is looking forward to a possible tour of one of our facilities when COVID restrictions allow.”

Romano also had an introductory meeting with New York Congressman Andrew Garbarino (pictured right). “We discussed a lot of different topics like stable predictable funding and staffing,” said Romano. “I also mentioned H.R. 1108 from the last Congress, and that Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., might be working on a similar bill, but nothing has been introduced yet. He was really receptive to that and asked if we hear anything, to pass the information along to him.”

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