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Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)

Ron Foley is the CDM Article 114 Lead 

 Flow Evaluation Team (FET), Weather Evaluation Team (WET) and Future Concept Team (FCT) reps will be sending their updates separately this month as part of CDM. As for SCT (Surface Concept Team), I’ve been the SME for the last year or so.   

NASA’s ATD-2 Integrated Arrival/Departure/Surface (IADS) system has been nominated for NASA’s prestigious Software of the Year Award.  Shawn Engelland of NASA is seeking several endorsements of this nomination, to include one from the SCT. Paul Amen and I are working on crafting a letter over the next couple of days. If any SCT Member (or former co-lead would like to provide one or two insights and/or include a specific observation that we can use, please send Paul and I an email and by C.O.B. on Monday, April 12th so that we can finalize our endorsement in time for the deadline next Thursday. Please limit it to just a sentence or two and we will include it.  For example, do you have specific thoughts regarding how the NASA software has benefitted your organization (stakeholder community).  I’ve attached Shawn’s “ATD-2 impact” slides to serve as memory joggers.  

Ron Foley 

NATCA CDM Article 114 Lead 


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