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Amanda Richardson is the Article 114 Representative for Enterprise-Information Display System (E-IDS). 

Background:  The Enterprise Information Display System (E-IDS) project aims to replace all existing IDSs in the NAS, providing the Agency with one enterprise solution across facility types. There are currently 5 existing IDSs that need to be replaced (1 EnRoute, 3 Terminal, and 1 in Alaska). While some customization is necessary and should be available, one system will reduce overall costs for upkeep, training, and resolve the upcoming End-Of-Life (EOL) issues we have with our current IDSs in the field. Current domains without an IDS will also be addressed (Oceanic, Alaska FSS, etc.). Final Investment Decision (FID) was approved by the Joint Resources Council (JRC) this past summer. The vendor bid process is complete, with a contract awarded to Leidos. 3 Phases of Implementation are planned, beginning in 2023 and ending in 2031. 

Collaborative work between the E-IDS Program and Leidos continues. Capturing possible and known COVID impacts to the program is ongoing. 

The E-IDS User Team (with NATCA representation from Tower, Terminal, and En Route domains) supports E-IDS with activities that include documentation creation and review, Safety meetings, and Human Factors Working Groups for Air Traffic Users and Database Administrators. The User Team also supports E-IDS Systems Engineering by attending the Maintainers Human Factors Working Groups and any additional meetings with Leidos as needed. 

The Early User Involvement Events supporting Data Administration, Air Traffic, and Maintainers are planned for late Summer into early Winter, 2021. Additionally, the Monitor and Mount Evaluation is planned for late Fall, 2021. The planning of these events is currently in progress (including COVID impacts and all logistics) to avoid any delays to the E-IDS schedule. Efforts to secure SMEs for these events began in early April and will continue into May and June. Events are scheduled to take place at the Leidos labs in Gaithersburg, MD and at the FAA Tech Center in Atlantic City. 

The E-IDS Implementation Team is beginning the process of briefing the initial Phase 1 sites. The briefings will include an overview of E-IDS and the planned implementation scheduled and activities. 

Meetings continue internally with the NATCA Reps that represent programs/projects that will (or may be) impacted by E-IDS.  

Upcoming activities: 

  • Systems Engineering and System Architecture telcons (ongoing – weekly / bi-weekly) 
  • E-IDS Requirements telcons (weekly) 
  • Program Status meetings (monthly) 
  • Human Factors Working Groups and Coordination meetings with Leidos (weekly) 
  • SRMPs (as needed) 
  • E-IDS User Team meetings (daily Tue – Thu) 
  • Bi-weekly Risk Board telcons; Joint Risk Board with Leidos (ongoing) 
  • Weekly check-in with Program Manager (ongoing) 
  • E-IDS Training Meeting (monthly) 
  • NATCA Safety & Technology department telcons (monthly) 
  • Meetings with other programs to discuss potential overlaps and impacts are occurring as needed 
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